Legal professional consultancy and debt recovery.

Asaftei & Associates is a firm founded in 2012 by Robert Asaftei, Nicoleta Bradu, Bogdan Dascalescu and Andreea Neacsu, having its main practice in the field of debt recovery and business consultancy, holding a wide experience gained within all the years of activity, necessary in the successful recovery of debts.

The variety of our debtors and their fields of activity was not an obstacle in the process of debt recovery. Our company has adapted to each case and has successfully fulfilled the outlined objectives.

Our clients operate in various areas of activity, such as: constructions, real estate, retail, transport, financial brokerage, insurances, services, agriculture, industry etc. Our firm has recovered debts from Romania, as well as foreign debts, from active companies, as well as from companies in insolvency.

Our goal is the success and development of our clients, this also being the drive and key in our success and development.


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When it comes to results and positive outcomes of the cases managed, Asaftei & Associates is one of the best business consultancy and debt recovery firms in Romania. We are a firm specialized in recovery of business debts and large debts. At the same time, we put the same effort and give the same attention to small debts.

Partners just like you, operating in various areas of activity, contact Asaftei & Associates to find out:

How to recover the debts, the outstanding invoices of their collaborators, fast, without stress, without costly litigation, having to bear costs only at the time of collection.

Most likely you already contacted your debtors and they postponed you indefinitely or maybe they did not answer at all. You sent e-mails and notices to which you did not receive any answer. Or you waited in good-faith to collect your money but your debtor took advantage and postponed the payment. This is where we come in. We specialize in recovery of debts with a success rate of over 85% of viable debts.

Why choose us?


We always decide the best strategy for our client, we win your cases and your trust.

We have the best team of lawyers, mediators, insolvency practitioners. The team is the key of success in all our cases.


The best strategy in solving your cases.

As soon as you present us your case, we will recommend a solution. The strategy will be built as to positively settle the case with a minimum of costs incurred.


Analyzing the case.

We offer a free analysis of the case to evaluate the chances of success. If the success rate is 0 you will be informed and you will not bear useless costs. If you have a chance of success we will establish a strategy and we will extend the commission tender.

Our Team

Asaftei & Associates provides a wide experience in solving your problems. We bring to our clients’ benefit the experience of our professionals, in various areas, thus the cases of our clients will be regarded and analyzed from various perspectives.

Robert Asaftei - Managing Partner

Robert Asaftei - Managing Partner

Bogdan Dăscălescu - Partner

Bogdan Dăscălescu - Partner

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