Recovery of debts

Our company recovers both internal and external claims from going concern and insolvent companies. The clients for whom we recover debts belong to different fields of activity such as: industrial and residential construction, manufacturing industry, scientific and technical activities, agriculture, etc.

Our debt recovery strategy and tactics are strictly within the legal and moral limits of business. We approach in the first instance an amicable way, and if this does not lead to a positive resolution of the case, we will propose a judicial approach by signing a direct contract with a lawyer or a civil law firm and will approach the judicial and enforceable procedure until the full recovery of the debt.

Before initiating any discussion on a collaboration, we consider whether you are interested in the costs of recovering a debt. In general the costs are between 4 and 16% of the amount of the recovered debt. If we do not recover we do not collect. Our principle is to start the recovery procedure within one working day of signing the mandate contract.

First action

Contact us to make an assessment of your case by drawing up a legal-financial report to find out how recoverable your debt is. This evaluation is free of charge.

Second action

If you have a recoverable debt, we will make you a financial offer consisting of a success fee to be paid upon recovery of the debt. After acceptance of the financial offer, a mandate contract will be signed. After the contract has been signed, the recovery procedure will start until the file is finalised and the debt is recovered.

New clients want a transparent cooperation and that is what we offer.